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Escape Hunt

Max: 5 per room
Duration: 60 minutes

Indoor activity where participants must work as a team to escape from a room.
It’s a game full of enigmas, to be solved in order to get up the exit. Participants have 1 hour to escape and succeed the challenge.
There are 3 games:

1. Introduction to a Secret Society (3 rooms, up to 15 participants): traditional room, with keys and padlocks with a sequential strategy.
2. The Great Lisbon Earthquake (2 rooms, up to 10 participants): interactive room in which not every enigma is sequential and objects can be used as”keys”, to open compartments.
3. The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa (1 room, up to 5 participants): room that mixes the interactive with the traditional part of games. It’s also a sequential game where objects must be used with precision in order to open compartments.


Participants per room: Min. 2; Max. 5
*children up to 16 years old must be accompanied by adults
Meeting point: Rua dos Douradores, 13 


Monday to Thursday and Sundays : 10am until 8pm (starting time on even hours)
Friday and Saturday: extra slot at 9:30pm (starting time on even hours)


2 pax – 55,00€
3 pax – 60,00€
4 pax – 70,00€
5 pax – 80,00€